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Our environmental Impact

Harbortown Industries has implemented a plan with each of our manufacturing partners to incorporate sustainability without sacrificing design and quality.  As part of this initiative we support the use of factories and suppliers that are FSC certified and purchase their wood from FSC certified mills and forests.

We support factories that create frames from fast growing woods like rubber wood, mango wood and bamboo. We also support the use of recycled materials (EPS & Polyresin), non toxic metal finishing techniques, water based paints, recycled mats and glass, and recycled packaging materials. Our frames are California Air Resources Board [CARB] compliant. We use strict chain-of-custody procedures in accordance with the Lacey Act, enabling us to trace each order from the forest, to the mill, and then to our factories.

As part of Harbortown’s Sustainability Program, we have begun a “Plant A Tree” program. Our aim is to “close the loop” by planting trees for each one used for our manufacturing processes. This would allow us to regenerate forests worldwide for future generations.